Mad about Bronze and Stone

Seal_orange_Seal_Addict_tiny   Chinese seals enhance the paintings.

The finishing touch for your painting is a seal – that clear red highlight that balances the composition, pushes the energy flow round the picture, and draws attention to the beautiful white space or the fabulous ink technique.  Seals are lovely objects  in themselves, carved from beautiful stone.  They can have various meanings, including your name seal and leisure seals.  I have had many seals carved in China.

I carve my own seals and teach seal carving on request.

Some of my personal seals
Some of my personal seals

I  am fascinated by ancient Chinese bronze vessels, their strange designs and wonderful patina, and often include them in my work.  See more paintings here.

Ancient bronze and tea cup
Bronze ding with poem in seal script (sold)

The  intriguing shapes of Scholar Rocks are highly prized, and would grace the scholar’s desk.

Three Spirit Rocks
Three Spirit Rocks