Chinese Culture


I love the sound of the qin.  The scholar playing the qin (one of the four arts) is often depicted in paintings, like this animated introduction.  You can hear more recordings:


Excellent online course on The European Discovery of China,  with the wonderful Professor Dolores Folch.   A fantastic resource, and it is free!  Amongst lots of excellent material, it uses the QingMing festival handscroll (Ming dynasty version).

BBC radio podcasts include much on Chinese culture & history:

Chinese objects showing dissent, from the BM exhibition 2018.

Other podcasts:


Maxwell Hearn lecture on Chinese Gardens in art.


BBC’s Wild China series is available on DVD.

Channel 4’s  Between Clouds and Dreams, & Beyond the Clouds.

Culture & Artefacts

Chinese porcelain.

Chinese Culture.

A rather nice series of books on Chinese Culture – compact format, not expensive, colour pictures and dual English & Chinese text.   There are lots of different subjects, from poetry to lanterns, bridges to pagodas, scholar objects to the Tea-Horse Road.  For example, here are 3 on clothing.

They are available from Hanshan Tang (selected titles) and Purple Culture (all titles).

Japanese Architecture and Art Historical terminology: JAANUS

Handling old books – definitely no gloves!


yuansu zhouqi biaoThe Periodic Table in Chinese – each element is just one character, which includes radicals that tell you if the element is a metal 釒,  a gas  , a liquid 水or a non-metal solid 石.   This video could help you write and pronounce them.


A Bite of China, from CCTV, so perhaps take with a pinch of C5H8NO4Na.

Tai Chi

My friend Anita teaches Tai Chi in Surrey, and Sylvia in Kent at Hayes and West Wickham.


Fabulous photos of beetles!