Keen on Calligraphy

Seal_orange_cloud_tiny   Chinese calligraphy (书法, shūfǎ) is wonderful to look at.

Calligraphy is one of the “Three Perfections”, along with poetry and painting.  I love studying and practising the different scripts.  I am very grateful to my teachers for opening the door to this wonderful practice: Li Jia, Qu Leilei, Dr Li Xuzhuang, Wai-chong Kelleher and Paul Griffiths.

This painting shows the inkstone that belonged to my first painting teacher, Marie Sherville, with my poem in clerical script: ancient inkstone grinding ink, I dream I am still painting; green bronze reflecting the moon, I am awake and still thinking.

Marie's inkstone
Marie’s inkstone & poem in Clerical script

I teach Chinese Calligraphy.  If you would like a taste of this expressive art,  contact me.

Three Spirit Rocks – “running” script
signature & date , running script
poem in slim golden script
Northern Wei script
Flying Dragon tai chi collage – clerical script and standard script

Northern Wei scriptLinks to more on calligraphy.  Some tips on writing the date.

Many modern and contemporary Chinese calligraphers have done new things with their script.  I have tried using English instead of Chinese on my paintings.