Learn Chinese Painting

Seal_orange_Seeking_New_tiny l enjoy helping  others share the pleasure of CBP.

I have a weekly class in Surbiton, and I teach CBP and Chinese Calligraphy privately at my studio in Surrey, near Kingston-upon-Thames (KT18).
I also give workshops and demonstrations to regional groups and art societies.
To find out about my workshops, classes and demonstrations, contact me.

Angela demonstrating how to paint a white peony
Angela showing how to paint a white peony

Chinese Brush Painting uses unique materials: the paper, brush and ink are all specific to CBP, and have special properties.  The materials are not expensive: the ink and brushes last a long time, and you can use cheap paper to practice.  Here are a few tips on CBP materials.

To find out about learning Chinese Brush Painting in other areas, and about Chinese Brush Painters in the UK, contact the Chinese Brush Painters Society: CBPS

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