Loving Brush and Ink

Seal_orange_brush_tiny   I love brush and ink (笔墨, bǐ mò)

The expressiveness of the free brush style (寫意, xiěyì), and the unique interaction of brush, ink and paper capture the essence of the subject.

Spring Wind Orchid

The meticulous style (工筆, gōngbǐ), has delicacy and charm.

Magnolia and bird (meticulous style)

Chinese brush painting is the source and inspiration for much oriental painting, including in Japan and Korea, which also adopted the Chinese script and adapted it to their own languages.

More of my paintings, and some of my favourite Chinese paintings.  Good to know that there were notable female painters in China.  “Bapo” is a fascinating genre of painting.  I use also painting and calligraphy for my home-made cards.