Seal Carving

Seal by Qi Baishi
Qi Baishi, the most famous modern Chinese painter, was also a prolific carver of seals: one of his epithets was “Rich Man of Three Hundred Seals”.  He published several books of seals, well before his paintings were published.
I carved my very first tiny seal with a pin, but later I learned the right way from Qu Leilei.
I carve my own seals and teach seal carving on request.
Angela demonstrating seal-cutting technique on a carrot!

Here are some of the seals I have carved:

The steps for making a seal are:

  1.  Find Your Name or Phrase
  2.  Find the Seal Script
  3.  Decide size, shape & type (relief or intaglio)
  4.  Design the seal
  5.  Carve the seal

It is essential to use chisels designed for cutting stone.

Useful Videos by Henry Li:

Demonstration by Chinese carver, showing his cutting action, and including use of a file to distress the seal, and how to take a rubbing of the side colophon.

Information about seal carving and examples of famous seal carvers.  My favourite is Deng Shiru.

Contemporary seal exhibition by Li Lanqing at the British Museum.