Beihai Park

The lotus  (蓮  花  or荷  花 ) is  a very important flower in China, being both ornamental and useful (roots and stems are eaten, seeds used as medicine).

It  represents summer and fruitfulness.  In Buddhist imagery, it symbolises purity: a beautiful flower grows out of mud.  The Buddha sits on a lotus flower.  Om mane padme hum is a chant to the god of the jewel on the lotus.  One of the sutras is called the Lotus Sutra.  In Daoism, it is the emblem of He Xian Gu, one of the immortals.

Hanging scroll (c) A Reich 2016

I love painting lotus.   It was wonderful to sketch lotus in Beijing.  I am quite pleased with my vase.

The philosopher Zhou Dunyi (1017–1073, Song Dynasty), wrote a famous essay “On the Love of the Lotus.”

Apparently this lotus pond is in one of the oldest gardens in China.  Zhu Ziqing mused eloquently on a lotus pond.  There are many beautiful lotus ponds in China e.g. Beihai Park,  Beijing.

Famous Lotus painters include:

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