CBP class in Surbiton

Sparrows and banana leaf (c) A Reich
Create simple, expressive pictures to capture the spirit of nature.
Paint traditional subjects, and gain an insight into Chinese culture.
Calm your mind and body with a focus on the spirit of nature.

Details & booking online through KAE.
If have any questions, or you do book on this course, please  let me know.

This course will introduce beginners to CBP, and extend the skills of improvers.  Previous art experience is not needed.
If you have your own CBP materials, please bring them.
I will lend equipment to beginners, and I will provide consumables – paper, ink, etc – I ask for a contribution of £1 per learner per lesson.
I will give guidance to those who wish to acquire their own equipment (don’t buy it from Western art shops!).   The materials are not expensive: the ink and brushes last a long time, and you can use cheap paper to practice.  You can find out more about the materials here.  Browse the rest of this website for more information on CBP.

Here are some of the fabulously expressive chickens created by previous learners: