Angela’s workshops

My group workshops focus on good technique and the fundamentals of literati-style free-brush Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy.  They include tuition by demonstration and individual coaching, handouts of notes and examples, with relevant books and photographs available.  All workshops can be tailored to the learners.
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Workshop menu:
  • The Four Treasures: really get to know and use your brush, paper & ink
  • The Four Gentlemen: traditional orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and plum blossom with appropriate short phrases in calligraphy
  • Lotus: understand the structure of this amazing flower by studying photos and sketches; learn to paint flowers & leaves in ink and colour.
  • Lotus handscrolls:  large-scale painting to encourage painters to create their own compositions with a short phrase of related calligraphy.
  •  Narcissus: understand the structure of the flower, and paint different compositions, plus calligraphy phrase
  • Wisteria hanging scrolls:  large-scale painting of wisteria with goldfish, with a short phrase of related calligraphy.
  • Fruit – Grapes,  Persimmons, Pomegranates, Lychees and Rambutan …
  • Snow Bamboo:  using wash on xuan and sized paper, with calligraphy title.
  • Moon Bamboo:  using wash on semi-sized paper, with calligraphy title.
  • Flowers, birds and insects:  Peony & butterfly, Willow & swallow, Lilies & dragonfly, Chrysanthemum & sparrow, Magnolia and oriole.
  • Birds: cranes, peacocks, chickens, orioles, swallows, sparrows, ducks, geese, kingfishers, robins …
  • Eagles in the style of Wu Zuoren: includng short phrases of related calligraphy
  • Cats and Tigers
  • Water Buffalo inspired by Li Keran
  • Camels in the style of Wu Zuoren
  • Frogs and Prawns in the style of Qi Baishi
  • Goldfish
  • Dragon and phoenix
  • Mice & rats
  • Still Life –to encourage painters to create their own compositions, and add a short phrase of calligraphy, focusing on one of:
    • Teapots, fruit and vegetables
    • Flowers and vases
    • Spring Festival paintings
  • Composition – Flower & Bird: analyse, understand and use the principles of composition for free brush flower and bird painting, including placement of calligraphy and seals
  • Landcape basics: trees and rocks
  • Winter landscape with special effects: simple landscapes using cream resist and glue wash, with calligraphy title
  • Composition – Landscape: analyse, understand and use the “eight compositions” for landscape
  • A la carte: Other subjects by agreement – for example, Peace Poppies
  • Calligraphy for Paintings: 1-day workshop to give painters the ability to use some short phrases of “running script” calligraphy on their paintings.
  • Calligraphy Scripts: the different Chinese scripts are a pleasure in themselves and  a great way to improve your brushwork.
  • Calligraphy tools: an online or in person tutorial to enable you to use books and online resources to find your own phrases in different calligraphy scripts.
  • Seal Carving