Inspired by Qu Leilei and Bapo, I enjoy making collages with calligraphy.

My latest collages finally completed.

Autumn Collage (c) A Reich 2022
Bronze Collage (c) A Reich 2022
Moon and Water Collage (c) A Reich 2022

The inscription is the opening lines of a famous poem about the Yangzi by Zhang Ruoxu (Tang):  The surge of the Spring river joins the level sea.  The bright moon above shares their tide.  Brightness gleams on the waves for a thousand miles. Where is the river without moonlight ?

Music inspired by the poem.

Previous creations:

“Longevity” 2019  (Sold)
“Spirit of Bronze” 2019

Here are a couple of early ones, made for my Tai Chi master of Long Fei (Dragon Flying) school.  The smaller phrases are the names of tai chi moves.

Flying Dragon tai chi collage, 2010
Flying Dragon tai chi collage, 2010

I also use collage ideas in my cards.
Here are some tips to create your own collage.