Keen on Calligraphy

Seal_orange_cloud_tiny   Chinese calligraphy (书法, shūfǎ) is wonderful to look at.

Calligraphy is one of the “Three Perfections”, along with poetry and painting.  I love studying and practising the different scripts.  I am very grateful to my teachers for opening the door to this wonderful practice: Li Jia, Qu Leilei, Dr Li Xuzhuang, Wai-chong Kelleher and Paul Griffiths.

This painting shows the inkstone that belonged to my first painting teacher, Marie Sherville, with my poem in clerical script: ancient inkstone grinding ink, I dream I am still painting; green bronze reflecting the moon, I am awake and still thinking.

Marie's inkstone
Marie’s inkstone & poem in Clerical script

I teach Chinese Calligraphy.

Brush Feeling, Ink Play
Poem “On Stork Tower”

I particularly enjoy using calligraphy in collages.  

Links to more on calligraphy.

Some tips on writing the date.

Many modern and contemporary Chinese calligraphers have done new things with their script.  I have tried using English instead of Chinese on my paintings.

There is a fantastic phone app called Yunzhang, which gives multiple examples from famous calligraphers, including Wang Xizhi & Yan Zhenqing.  I use it with dictionary Pleco to check the exact forms of calligraphy.