Chinese Culture

Chinese Symbolism
Literature, Poetry, Sayings
People and Practices
The ancient Chinese 24 solar terms, officially listed as human intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, are the basis for The Seasons documentary series,  available on YouTube.  Attractive trailer for Spring.

More on Chinese Culture.


BBC’s Wild China series is available on DVDClips available from BBC.
Channel 4’s  Between Clouds and Dreams, & Beyond the Clouds.


Chinese porcelain.

Huangshan Publishing House publishes the Chinese Red series of compact books on different aspects of Chinese culture, artefacts, architecture etc – not expensive, colour pictures and dual English & Chinese text.   There are lots of different subjects, from poetry to lanterns, bridges to pagodas, clothing to scholar objects.  They are available online from  Purple Culture, Cypress Books & Amazon.

Handling old books – definitely no gloves!


A Bite of China, from CCTV, so perhaps take with a pinch of C5H8NO4Na.

Tai Chi

My friend Anita teaches Tai Chi in Surrey, and my friend Sylvia teaches Tai Chi in Kent.

I enjoy the Five Animals Game and Eight Pieces of Brocade qigong exercises.