Female Painters

Just a few of the many female artists in China throughout the ages:

Guan Daosheng (Yuan, wife of Zhao Mengfu), famous and influential for her paintings of bamboo

Bamboo by Guan Daosheng

Ma Shouzhen (Ming), well-known for her depictions of orchids

Xue Susu (Ming)

Wen Shu (Ming)

Chen Yi (Ming)

Zhou Shuxi (Qing)

Ma Quan  (Qing) painted an exquisite handscroll of butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies, Ma Quan (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Yun Bing (Qing) painted flower-and-bird mostly, and also the Hairpin Scroll.

Gu Hengbo (Qing) courtesan – one of the Eight Beauties of Qinhuai –  poet and painter.

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