Chinese Painters

Zhang Daqian

Zhang Daqian (Chang Ta-ch’ien) is famous for his expert knowledge of Chinese painting history and techniques, and his work is in many museums worldwide, sometimes unexpectedly.     Ten things you should know about him.  Rather oddly, his work includes a silk dressInk LotusPouring ink landscape.   Text of James Cahill’s lecture, and his probable forgeries.  His own works are now highly sought-after.

Fu Baoshi

Fu Baoshi (1904-1965) frequently painted rainy landscapes and waterfalls.   He lived through all the changes of the twentieth century, developing his own distinctive style.  The Met  exhibition Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution, featured Fu Baoshi. There is a video lecture of the exhibition and his life, though the images of the paintings are a bit fuzzy.  You can see them better if you scroll down the exhibition site.  He did not only paint water. The Ashmolean has a charming painting of a scholar in his studio.  Henry Li demonstrates Fu Baoshi’s style, and again.

My painting of Qi Baishi