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My latest paintings.

Blue Magnolia and Rock (c) A Reich 2024
Spring (c) A Reich 2024
Pink Magnolia and Rock (c) A Reich 2024

“When the wind comes from the East the view of spring fills my eyes.”

East Wind (c) A Reich 2024
East Wind (c) A Reich 2024


Autumn Song

Another translation of a Chinese poem: Autumn Night Song is a 7-character jueju by Zhang Zhongsu, Tang dynasty.

The steady drip of the water clock marks the many hours of darkness;
Scattered hazy clouds unveil moonbeams.
Autumn spurs hidden insects to nightlong chirping.
I haven’t sent his winter clothes: let the frost stay away!

Previous translations:  Spring View and Hills Like Heaped Gold.

Ink Play

Just a few paintings showing the fun you can have with calligraphy.

Bronze Collage (c) 2022
Sea Collage (c) A Reich 2022
Bronze Pot Poem (c) 2020
“Spirit of Bronze” collage, 2019
Longevity Collage (sold)
Marie’s inkstone (c) 2016

Here be Dragons

Winter Moon Dragon (c) A Reich

It has been a good year for dragons!  My latest  dragon paintings.
Had fun celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a new 1-day workshop at The Horton in Epsom.  The participants painted some splendid dragons!


I had a stamp made of my own drawing of a dragon’s head – very pleased with Get Stamped‘s quality and speed of delivery.

My festive cards for 2023 were dragons as well!


Five Dragons “Brush Feeling, Ink Play” (c) A Reich 2023

In May 2023 I spent a delightful day teaching dragons to the Lavant CBP Group.   My handscroll above is inspired by the wonderful Nine Dragons scroll.   Here are some of the wonderfully energetic dragons produced by the group.

Spring View

Another attempt at translating Chinese Poetry: Du Fu‘s melancholy “Spring Scene” written during the chaos and destruction  of the An Lushan rebellion.
There are many different translations, for example.
This is mine:
Mountains round the ruined city,
Spring-grown grass on walls and towers.
Weeping in the time of flowers,
Birdsong jars the parted heart.
Three long months the beacons burned,
No gold worth a loving letter.
White head thinned by fearful fretting,
Cannot hold a single pin.

Hills Like Heaped Gold

I have had fun recently trying to translate a ci-poem by Wen Tingyun, poet of the late Tang dynasty.   Ci-poems have a “tune” that guides their rhythm and rhyme.  There are many such tunes.  This poem is based on the tune called “Deva-like Barbarian” or “Bodhisattva Savage”.

Hills like heaped gold are quenched,
Her cloud of hair loves the scent of her powdered cheek.
Languidly she draws in her moth eyebrows,
Plays with her hairpins and comb, washing slowly

Blooms surround her in the mirror.
The faces of the flowers seem like the reflections of friends
Newlywed, she dutifully embroiders the gauze jacket
With a pair of golden partridges.

File:Zhou Fang. Court Ladies Wearing Flowered Headdresses.Detail1.jpg
Ladies wearing Flower in their Hair by Zhou Fang