Angela’s Animal Paintings

I have had fun painting dragons recently.

See Dragon and Snake Move (c) 2024
Winter Moon Dragon (c) 2023
Descending Dragon (c) 2023
Dragon Moon (c) 2023
Ink Play water dragon (c) 2023
Ink Play dragon (c) 2023
Five Dragons (c) 2023

2021 was a good year for painting chickens and cats.

Dawn Song (c) 2021
Dawn Song (c) 2021

Big Luck (c) 2021 A ReIch


Kitten (c) 2021
Heaven Rewards the Diligent! (c) 2021
Fish Happiness (c) 2021
Fishing (c) 2021
This painting was inspired by Bai Juyi’s poem Western Wind.  I was lead to the Arthur Waley translation by Ralph Kiggell‘s hand-printed book Leading the Cranes Home.
Leading the Cranes Home (c) 2021

When the spring water gets warm, the duck is the first to know!

Ink ducks
White Ducks
Poison Arrow Frogs (c) A Reich
Leafy Sea Dragons
Frog Happiness
Pig mother and child
Mother and child (sold)
Camel Trek
Tiger (on silk)
Carp in meticulous style (sold)
Winter moon owl (sold)
Six Mice (c) 2019