Angela’s Paintings

Seal_orange_Ox_Sweat_tiny   Here are a few more of my paintings.  If you are interested in buying one, let me know!  I particularly love painting ancient bronzes.

Bamboo Moon 37x46cm £75
Cinnabar Bamboo 30x48cm £75

This lotus was inspired by Bada Shanren’s famous handscroll Flowers on the River.

Lotus (c) A Reich 2020
Undaunted by the Bitter Cold
Snow Bamboo
Cloud Dragon Inkstone
Leafy Sea Dragons
Inspired by Hokusai: Three Friends of Winter Fans
Three Friends of Winter
Autumn Colour
Camel Trek
Pig mother and child
Mother and child (sold)
Tropical Orchids
Purple Orchids
Purple Orchids (Sold)
Moonlight Bronze
Moonlight Bronze (Sold)
Anhui Roofscape (c) A Reich 2012 43x55cm £150
Tiger (on silk)
Carp in meticulous style (sold)
Winter moon owl (sold)

When the spring water gets warm, the duck is the first to know!

Baikal teal
White ducks

Here are my collages.