Yellow Mountains

I have been to the Yellow Mountains three times, first in 2003 and most recently in 2018.   The area has become much more touristy, with a new motorway from Huangshan City to a huge interchange to the new shuttle busses.  But the mountains and pines were as beautiful as ever.
Flower growing from a pen-tip
Welcoming Guest pine
porters at the bottom
porters at the top
Everything at the top  – tea, food, hotels! – is still carried up by porters.  The climb from the bottom takes about 3 hours, and they might do 3 trips a day, carrying heavy, bulky loads.  It was hard to find out how much they earned: the guide thought 2000 yuan a day; a porter said 100 yuan a trip.
This is a pine painted from life in near the “North Sea.”   It is a bit blurred looking because it was raining heavily!