Suzhou Gardens

Had to visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden, of course.  Good to see the maintenance crews in action. The famous bits are good, but I liked some other gardens better.

Little Rainbow Bridge
Waveform Gallery

I really liked the Lingering Garden.

Lingering Garden
Lingering Landscape
Interesting rocks
Lingering in a pavilion

I LOVED Surging Wave Pavilion (Canglang, built by Northern Song poet Su Sunqin – see plan)- lots of lovely bamboo, and few visitors.

Fish-watching Place
Bamboo In Surging Wave Pavilion

The Garden of Cultivation was fun to find, and delightfully compact.

Garden of Cultivation this way
Yes, down here
Very Cultivated!

Maybe one day I will see the Master of the Nets Garden.  Any of these stills could be a painting.