Honcun is an attractive village in Anhui Province, near the Yellow Mountains.  I have been there 4 times.  The first time, 2003, it was quite peaceful.  By 2018 it was a a lot more crowded, and red lanterns have sprouted everywhere.

The huge coachpark and entrance gate is a bit offputting, but It is still very appealing inside.  The moon pond is busy, yet there are still quiet back streets to wander along, and the fresh water still flows along them in specially-built gullies.

Hongcun street 2003
Hongcun street 2018

In 2019 I stayed in a hotel within the village, which was a great way to see it before and after the crowds, with the bonus of early-morning dumplings!

Also found a friendly seal-carver.

Sketching in Hong Cun