I had a lovely visit to Suffolk for a Peace and Remembrance Day.  I ran a workshop painting white poppies, for peace.

The gift of a vase or a painting of a vase is a wish for peace because the character for vase (瓶) is pronounced píng, which sounds like the word for peace 平 安,  píng ān.  A vase with crackled glaze sounds like “year after year peace”.

It took me a while to get the effect I wanted.  I needed a wash to show up the white flowers, but white pigment can look thick and dead.  So I used titanium white and mineral green or blue Chinese colours, but painted on the back as a resist.   I mostly used thin machine-made bark paper so that I could wash from the back and get a subtle colour on the front.  I love the texture of mulberry paper, but it was too thick for a wash on the back to show well (first example above).

The participants seemed happy with their paintings !