CBP class in Surbiton

Sparrows and banana leaf (c) A Reich
Create simple, expressive pictures to capture the spirit of nature.  Paint traditional subjects, and gain an insight into Chinese culture! Summer term 2020 is cancelled. We hope to meet again in Autumn 2020.

Booking is through Kingston Adult Education.   You can book by phone, email or in person at King Charles Centre:

  • Telephone: 020 8547 6700
  • email: adult.education@kingston.gov.uk

This course will introduce beginners to CBP, and extend and reinforce the skills of improvers.  Previous art experience is not needed.  We cover traditional CBP materials, methods and subjects, working on these skills:

  • Understanding differences between Chinese and Western art.
  • Understanding and using Chinese painting materials and techniques.
  • Using the brush to form a variety of subjects, such as birds and flowers.
  • Insight into Chinese culture and symbolism.

At each class, I will demonstrate and explain how to paint the subject, then learners will practice with individual guidance from me.Chinese Brush Painting uses unique materials: the paper, brush and ink are all specific to CBP, and have special properties.  The materials are not expensive: the ink and brushes last a long time, and you can use cheap paper to practice.  You can find out more about the materials here: Getting Started.if you have your own CBP materials, please bring them.  Loan equipment such as brushes will be provided so that learners will have all the right equipment available.  I will give guidance to learners who wish to acquire their own equipment (don’t buy it from Western art shops!). There will be a small charge each class for consumable materials (e.g. paper & ink) which are not included in the course fee.

I recommend that you bring:

  • Note book & pen.
  • Apron or old clothes (Chinese ink can stain).

Contact me to discuss this class or CBP generally.  Browse the rest of this website for more information on CBP.

Here are some of the wonderfully expressive hens and cockerels that the learners created in Autumn 2019.

Delightful robins on snowy bamboo created by the learners.  Very  impressive that the learners could write “Happy Christmas” in Chinese!!


More good work by the learners..  The oriole signifies joy and spring.
Strong branches are important, with the use of “flying white” to suggest the rough bark.
Expressive Oriole
Old and new branches
Elegant Oriole and Magnolia