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Autumn Gold

Fantastic display of squashes large and small at Wisley.
Golden Lotus Pond by Huang Guanyu

Interesting comparisons of lotus paintings in oils from 3812 Gallery.  Late autumn lotus stalks by Hong Cun bridge.

Gallery additions

Lotus (c) A Reich 2020

Some more old and new paintings finally mounted.  The lotus was inspired by Bada Shanren’s famous handscroll Flowers on the River.

I love the roofscapes of Anhui province.
And I am fascinated by ancient Chinese vessels.  Silver Moon is a free interpretation of Warring States silver and gold inlay.
Anhui Roofscape (c) A Reich 2012
Silver Moon (c) A Reich 2014


Chinese Culture

I have been enjoying live Zoom Chinese Culture seminars with Madison Plantier.

We’ve explored Chinese poetry, learnt the right way to prepare tea, and drooled over the Eight Great Cuisines!

Madison was a guide on the trip to China that I did last year (including Suzhou, Hongcun, and good food).  She has a wide knowledge of Chinese history and customs.
She is starting a new series of illustrated seminars in September.
It is a great way to spend a few autumn evenings!

Going with a Biang!

I was recently introduced to the most complicated Chinese character – biang!  It has 57 strokes!  It is fun to try writing it, though quite hard to get it square and stable.

This character is only used to describe biang-biang noodles, a speciality of Shaanxi, and was probably invented – it doesn’t appear in standard Chinese dictionaries.  Another clue is that the videos showing how to write it vary in their stroke order:

There are other credible candidates for most complicated character.  If you fancy trying some more, look here.

Philosphical Calligraphy

I found this video writing standard script with good brushwork.   The phrase being written is


This is the second part of the expression


Dàoxué tōng zhèngshì, qīngyóu chàng shī huái

The whole expression means  Study Confucian principles to understand the political affairs;  Leisurely travel lets you write poetry to your heart’s content.