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Two Orioles Singing

More good work by the learners at my CBP class at Kingston Adult Education.  The oriole signifies joy and spring.
Strong branches are important, with the use of “flying white” to suggest the rough bark.
Expressive Oriole
Old and new branches
Elegant Oriole and Magnolia

Printing a tree

sky block and kento
Winter tree

A very satisfying 2 days of Japanese woodblock printing with Laura Boswell at the Courtyard Art Studio.  Learnt a lot, though I am a long way off the elegance and subtlety of her work.  My kento leave a lot to be desired, and the first proof was just a bit messy!

Quite pleased with this effect, and the “chatter” in the moon is deliberate, if a bit blurred from over-printing – more practice on registration needed.  Wish I could remember how to get the stormy sky effect.

Winter tree through window lattice


Winter tree

Old and New

Had a great time in China, courtesy of Tansuo Travel – many thanks to Madison and Na for making this tour possible.

Saw the old and the new.

Shanghai Skyline
Waldorf Astoria

Fulfilled a long held ambition to see the gardens of Suzhou.

Had lots of opportunity for sketching, sometimes channelling Wu Guangzhong.

Sketching in Hong Cun
Hong Cun
Tangyue Temple

Found some good food.

And a message we can all agree with!