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Going with a Biang!

I was recently introduced to the most complicated Chinese character – biang!  It has 57 strokes!  It is fun to try writing it, though quite hard to get it square and stable.

This character is only used to describe biang-biang noodles, a speciality of Shaanxi, and was probably invented – it doesn’t appear in standard Chinese dictionaries.  Another clue is that the videos showing how to write it vary in their stroke order:

There are other credible candidates for most complicated character.  If you fancy trying some more, look here.

Philosphical Calligraphy

I found this video writing standard script with good brushwork.   The phrase being written is


This is the second part of the expression


Dàoxué tōng zhèngshì, qīngyóu chàng shī huái

The whole expression means  Study Confucian principles to understand the political affairs;  Leisurely travel lets you write poetry to your heart’s content.


Two Orioles Singing

More good work by the learners at my CBP class at Kingston Adult Education.  The oriole signifies joy and spring.
Strong branches are important, with the use of “flying white” to suggest the rough bark.
Expressive Oriole
Old and new branches
Elegant Oriole and Magnolia